Supply chain of happiness

At Conscience, this is what we aspire to – to create a supply chain of happiness. We desire and try to incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices from the beginning to the end of our sourcing and manufacturing process. The supply chain of happiness is our effort to produce garments that not just use sustainable and zero-waste fabrics but also create a positive impact on lives of the individuals involved in this process, and the world we all live in.

Our story began with us sourcing organic cotton from the Appachi Cotton Trail, which nestles between a river and tiger reserve in South India and has for three generations supported a rural cotton-growing community. Once brought to Sri Lanka, we ensure that our clothing is manufactured at facilities that are:

  1. Ethical in working conditions
  2. Free of child labour
  3. Free of forced labour
  4. Free of discrimination on any grounds
  5. Free of sweatshop practices

Today, we ensure that Conscience product development uses atleast one of the following:

  1. Organic fabrics
  2. Recycled fabrics and materials
  3. Proceeds from sale to empower environment focused initiatives