wear conscience


What makes each one of us unique in our crowded world of six billion people is our outlook to life governed by our conscience. A DNA that defines how you and the people we know live their lives and make individual choices, which eventually makes an impact on all of us and our planet.

At Conscience, we believe there are enough believers like us who would readily support our mission of creating a ‘guilt-free’ ecosystem that will provide a global platform for all ethical businesses and consumers to engage in responsible commerce.

With conscientious living and sustainability in fashion as our strongest principles, we design garments that are made with ethically-sourced fabrics. We try hard so that our conscience runs through every square inch of what we create.

Zero waste programme

The Zero Waste Programme is an initiative by Conscience to utilize fabrics which are discarded and will not be used. This initiative is to actively minimize wherever we can. This helps those who provide us with these fabrics to greatly cut down their environmental impact whilst we think of innovative ways to work with them to create stylish and unique accessories.